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Hello all, 

Last month i was in Germany & had the opportunity to drive at the Nurburgring & i'd like to share this experience in the form of this video; 


I do the ring in the BMW ///M 135i; 

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 10.51.27 PM.png

^ 320hp, 6 speed M/T & RWD :)

The video also includes some raw lap footage; 

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 10.43.22 PM.png

Hope you guys have fun watching it, Enjoy ! 


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Some Driving Regulations / Tips & facts to keep in mind when driving at the Nurburgring

- The entire Nurburgring is a no stop zone (including hard shoulders) 
- Though the Nurburgring has public access it can be only entered & exited via only the designated points. 
- Also it is strictly a one-way (clockwise) road. Turning back or reversing is strictly not permitted. 
- Drifting is not permitted. 
- Overtaking is only allowed from the left. 
- Do constantly watch your mirrors for quick approaching traffic, always use your right-hand turn signal to indicate for people to pass from the left only.
- Any road legal vehicle is allowed to drive on the 'Ring on public open track days. 
- Driving a rental (Hertz, Avis etc) car at the 'ring is allowed but may not be advisable as in case of a accident the insurance may/may not cover the cost as it was being driven on the track. 
- Hence hiring a proper track rental car is always preffered. Many options available, right from the GT86 to the 911's. 
- Some sections of the track surprisingly had speed limits. 
- A single lap at the ring costs Euro 29. 
- The Nordschleife is 21 km long & is having in total 73 turns ( 33 left, 40 right)
- Its neccessary to stay relaxed, go easy, focus on braking and turning points, and for god's sake don't time your laps or try breaking records if you are 1st time at the ring. 
- Racing driving legend Jackie Stewart unintentionally gave the Ring its current name when he called it the “Green Hell”.

"Difficult to drive, easy to die” ...
- Jochen Rindt

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On 14 November 2016 at 3:20 PM, PrancingHorse said:

Thats a fantastic video Karan. And boy I gotta say youre one lucky guy. You lived the dream of many a petrol head. Good choice with the Beemer. What are the detailed charges like for renting a car?

Asking because I plan to do a ring trip myself in a year or so



Good to know that you are planning a 'ring trip. 

The car was aprox Euro 250 
Nurburgring Tickets: Euro 29/Lap 

98 Octane fuel top up aprox Euro 10 

There were other cars too like Porsche 911 GT3 RS & BMW M4 available too but those were going too expensive hence i stuck to my choice oh ///M 135i as it was having enough power (320hp) with a 6 speed Manual. 


19 hours ago, vikky1971 said:

Great videos!

Thank You ! 

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