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Pics and Report: New Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Experience Boot Camp

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Close on the heels of the launch of the new Fortuner, Toyota has organised a 4x4 Experience Boot Camp in three Indian cities simultaneously to showcase the off-roading prowess of the new SUV. While most Fortuners are highly unlikely to see that kind of terrain, this is a good way to show owners what this thing can really do. The event is happening from 12th November to 20th November in three Indian cities simultaneously: Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The event is by invitation only by Toyota dealers for its customers. One can also call this number  +91 8422028750 and try to book a slot for the event

I got a chance to attend the event held at Film City in Mumbai and chose an early morning slot.

On arriving at the venue I was greeted by the Toyota team and taken to a lounge area where there were two Fortuners on display for everyone to check out. 





Following a product and safety briefing (this is important especially for first timers), you are first taken to small  track where the instructor takes you for a short spin. The highlight of this track area is the wheel articulation showcase. Here are some pics:


Continuing into the next post...


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I was then taken to another track which was a 5 min drive from the main reception area. This track was designed by Off Road Junkies. These guys are into professional off-roading and also offer training courses. Each obstacle was designed to showcase the different capabilities and features of the new Fortuner.

First up was a steep decline. Here you need to slot the 4x4 system into 4 Low. While the earlier Fortuner was a full time 4wd, the new one has the option drive in 2wd as well. You can shift from 2H to 4H or vice versa on the go, but to go into 4L mode you need to be stationary and in Neutral. I used 4L along with manual S1 mode and Hill Descent Control. I always prefer to crawl downhill and the Fortuner was impressive in that aspect.


This is followed by a drive through a slush pit. The slush wasnt that challenging and good enough for newbies to drive. Since I have done hardcore offr-roading before, all this was easy peasy


The slush pit is followed by a steep incline where the Hill Hold Assist feature is showcased. Crawling along with slight throttle inputs and keeping the steering in check should do the trick to get you up.


Next you get to drive though a pool of water to check out the new Fortuner's water wading depth. The instructor told me that this water body had a depth of 600 mm. It was fun gliding the SUV through it.


This is followed by a side incline display. Didnt find that challenging at all.


I then went to one obstacle that was extremely dangerous. We decided not to attempt it fully but couldnt help but get a photo op at the spot :)


Overall it was a nice event organised by Toyota. A good initiative to do something like this right after a new product launch. All Fortuners used at the event were 4x4 automatics. The only fly in the ointment was that they came equipped with HT tyres. The least that could be used were AT (All Terrain) rubber for this kind of off-roading.

Still was a nice way to spend a Monday morning. Hope they have more events like these in the future



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Great pictures Prancing Horse, Thanks for sharing. 
I also had attended this event on saturday and it was indeed well organised by Toyota & their team. 

Here's a pic which i took during the wading section; 


Finally before leaving i was asked to write my feedback on the wall & i gladly did :D



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23 hours ago, PrancingHorse said:

Haha Karan


Even I left my feedback on the board but was I was fighting for space to write. I see you got lucky with a clean slate :D

Yes, as i had gone on the 1st dat 1st slot :D

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I missed the camp!?

      Front grill of the new fortuner isn't that appealing, to me of course. But Toyota has included traction control that is a value added addition. 

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I still miss The AWD ( All WheelDrive Future ) of the Old Fortuner , AWD is of great help While Driving at speeds on Road  This being Tall SUV with High Centre Of Gravity,

The Front Seats on this New Fortuner Are not Comfortable ,Innova has Better seats 

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