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China gets new Chevrolet Cruze hatchback. Should GM launch it in India too?

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Chevrolet has introduced the Cruze hatchback in China and its quite a looker. Chevy in India is still continuing with the old Cruze in India and sales are not much to speak about. India is expected to get the new Cruze only in 2018. If China can get the hatchback version, I dont see why Chevy should not launch this in India. They had done it with the Optra SRV and they can do it again with the Cruze hatch. It just might breathe some life into GM India's fortunes.

Your thoughts?


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A "premium" hatch from Chevy will not be a good idea.

Chevrolet may consider introducing new Cruze against City and Ciaz as the current Cruze have decent following and people who owns the Cruze are satisfied with what they have been offered.

Chevrolet failed to create a distinct identity among the customers and with product offering scattered in different segments with very laid back marketing efforts.

Also it looks like Chevrolet failed to connect with people strongly just like other brands.

For eg. VW products are know for it's engineering. Toyota products are known for it's brand image and reliability, Maruti products are known for fuel efficiency, robust A.S.S. and reliability , Hyundai products are known for reliability, good A.S.S etc... . But sadly Chevrolet products have no distinct image for which customer gets attracted to buy it's product.

Though at the time of launch of Captiva and Cruze Chevrolet had it's share of success but that remained for limited period due to some wrong offerings such as Enjoy, Sail and Sail UVA that hit the brand image hard.  Chevrolet could stick itself  into offering premium products as a brand building step for sometime. Chevrolet also failed to upgrade Cruze and Captiva that led to it's slow death.   

Cehvrolet has products in all the segments but most of them are a generation old or looks old and are not inline with the products that are burning sales chart  

Spark and Beat (Budget Hatch), - Old outdated designs. New Beat is expected soon but from the spy pics they don't look very impressive. 

Trailblazer, Captiva and Cruze (Premium Offering ), - Trailblazer may be good from inside but from outside it is not exciting and as against that there are option such as Fortuner, Endeavour and even Pajero (Sports) that are far more better looking and advanced.

Captiva and Cruze - became old and looks dated. High priced and can not stand in competition due to "Brand" image.  

Tavera - Old Outdated

Enjoy , Sail and Sail Hatch - Bugged by Chinese origin and blow average interior quality. 


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