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What hatch to replace the Maruti 800

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Car to be replaced : July 2009 Maruti 800, with 1.75 lakh on the odo.

Reason: Its just become way to unreliable. Broke down the five times in the past month alone




Other vehicles in the garage: January 2012 Skoda Fabia 1.2 Petrol, 52K on the odo (she's a keeper, so plz no suggestions of sell the Fabia, also we need two cars)




 Requirements: Will be a city car only. So all I is need good FE, AC and Power Steering. The 800 is a PITA to turn.







Shortlist: (in no particular order)




1: Ford Figo Base Petrol

2: Fiat Punto Pure Petrol (The evo is hideous, and cant stretch for the base urban cross or the avventura)

3: Tata Tiago petrol

4: Tata Tiago diesel

5: Tata Bolt Petrol Base







Cars not considered:




1: Chevrolet Beat. Due for a replacement soon, AFAIK

2: Grand i10. My cousin has an xcent, and i dont really like it.

3: Brio. Cramped

4: Swift. Due for replacement

5: Micra. too old

6: pulse. too old

7: polo. basically the same car as our fabia.

8: Baleno, jazz, elite i20. too expensive







Concerns about shortlisted cars




1: Figo. The built quality. After owning the Fabia, i've been spoilt silly by the built quality. Nothing rattles, and the doors close with a solid thud. The built quality is one of the reasons none of the Marutis and hyundais made it to my list.




2: Punto. Fuel efficiency and performance. The fabia feels slow. Barely reaches 140. Cruises at around 120, and we have Swifts and i20s overtaking us left, right and centre, on punjab's basically brilliant roads. And it is thirsty. Giving about 13-14 on the highway and 10-ish in the city. What are the punto numbers going to be?




3: Tiago petrol. Basically everything. The AC+ Power Steering model ( called XE i guess) is 3.8 ex showroom, whereas both the punto and the figo are about 70K more. Does it make sense to extend, or is the Tiago a good enough car.




4: Tiago diesel. Solely considered because of the underwhelming reviews of the tiago petrol drivetrain, and for the fact hat we have a budget of 4.5, so why not consider it. We have 0 experience of owning a diesel.




5: Bolt. On the list solely because it is a sales dud, and that means huge discounts. Also is a reasonably spacious vehicle. Is the engine in the Tiago petrol and the Bolt the same?




And now to make CreativeBala happy, I'm going to re-do this entire exercie, in his format.


Whats your Budget - Rs 4.8L ex-showroom.

Kms driven monthly - 1000 kms

Bodyshell - Hatch

City/Highway split - 50:50

Max No.of Passangers - 3 at max. 2 normally.  

Boot space Importance - Low

Usage by - normal. My dad. He likes to pretend he's not into cars, but i know secretly he loves to drive. So put him into enthu as well.

Ownership - Outerskirts of the city.

Safety - anything

Prime requirement - FE, Handling, and maybe comfort.

Softcorner'd Manufacturer See the rest of the post above.




Oh, and BTW, hello ACI. Been 5 years, I think, since I logged in here. Good to be back. :)

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@winner48, welcome back to ACI forum !!

Looking at the cars you have shortlisted, i think Tata Tiago Diesel fits the bill perfectly, only downside being a weak diesel engine and Tata's not so famous A.S.S (though it's improving).

Figo and Punto will be better but only in diesel versions. If you can extend your budget a bit then Figo base diesel starts at around 5.6 lacs and should be your 1st choice.

Since it's year end now so you should be able to extract some good deals on these cars and bring it within your budget.


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