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New Toyotainnova 17inch WHEEL PROBLEMS

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New toyota innova with 17 inch wheels fitted with Low profile Tyres Are Prone to Blow out .I had Experienced this & replaced  with spare wheel & Looking to Change to 16 inch wheel with High profile tyre.

Noted similar problem with my friends innova too .

Hope toyota can rectify this earliest.

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Even I have heard on different sites that Toyota is planning to change 17 inch on top variants with 16 inch ones found in lower variants.

However, Toyota's official website still shows 17 inch ones for Z variants.

It might be case of people (who had tyre damage issues) getting their changed at dealer level.

Anyway, it's not the size, it's the lower profile of those 17 inchers which might be causing issue.

For Indian road conditions, it's always better to stick with high profile tyres for peace of mind and a more comfortable ride.

My Innova Crysta's 16 inchers (Gx variant) are performing well.

Also, it's worth noting that it's not as easy for a company to change tyre size of a vehicle as it will lead to change in wheel diameter thus requiring speedo/odometer re-calibration.


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So it's official now that Toyota has ditched 17" tyres for Zx variants of Innova Crysta.

Now all variants come with 16" tyres only.

I reported it to team-bhp team also and they shared on their forum too.

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