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I own a 2007 model Honda Unicorn(not the sporty

model).It is now a year old and has clocked just over

8000kms.I have always felt the need for a good wider

tyre at the rear.I wanted to know if i can fit 100/90

tyre(as seen on the current model) in my bike.I also

need to know if it can be done without any

modifications done like cutting or grazing.Also,i have

been thinking about fitting alloys in the bike.I saw a

guy fix CBZ Xtreme alloys in his unicorn and i would

also like to do the same since the unicorn alloys are

more expensive.Can i also know what advantage does

alloy rims hold over the steel spokes?Some say it

helps you with the handling of the bike and

maintanence is very easy.Is it true?And finally,i am

facing a tiny "annoying" problem that has started

recently.When i ride,my bike wobbles a bit and feels

unstable.But this unstability is gone when i ride with

a pillion.What could be wrong with the bike or is it

just i am under-weight to ride the bike?

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The alloys will probably be heavier than your spoked wheels, so that isn't really a performance mod, now, is it? You can fit a 100/90 tyre, but the new Unicorn's tyre won't fit on the old rim - strange but true.

Get your wheels balanced for the wobbling, should sort it out.

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Regarding the tyre,Both versions use 18" rims so why do u say it doesn't fit?Anyway,if its that way,can you suggest me a tyre size that won't need any modification to be done on my bike?

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Ok.If not 100/90 which tyre size do you guys think would look cool?100/80?The only thing is that i just don't want to do any serious modifications to the swingarm etc.I can tolerate mileage drops but not in a drastic way

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