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- Engine Performance 
- Looks 
- Gear Shift Quality & iMT 
- Interiors & Features
- Stress Free Reliability & Service Advantage 

- No Full Time 4WD this time
- Tyres in the 4x4 variant are H/T where as the 4x2 get A/T
- No Rear Diff Locks for Indian version 
- Should have been priced more aggressively


The video covers an in-depth discussion on Toyota's new GD Series Engine; 

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.33.53 PM.png

& I get some wheel spin; 

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.49.28 PM.png

Other Observations; 
- The exterior design philosophy looks much better in person & the design grows on you. 
- The Manual models misses out on 2 cup holders which are present in the A/T in front of the gear lever. 
- Fortuner sadly misses out on the ambient lighting which the Innova Crysta has, WHY ? 
- The exterior mirror puddle lamps & boot lamp is yellow in colour but all other interior lights are white, WHY ? 
- The Horn sounds very meek for this large SUV. 
- Tyre pressure of the 1st gen Fortuner was 30 psi, but this time the recommended tyre pressure has dropped to 29 psi.
- The Hill Hold assist can get irritating for someone who knows how to release the clutch on the slope and doesn't need this assistance. I say this because you cannot switch off this assistance.


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Booking & Delivery Experience;

I booked the car 1 day after the launch in Early November. 
Car was delivered in just over 2 weeks & was November 2016 make. 
The colour of the car is SUPER WHITE. 
I took Delivery on 24/11/16 & was a great experience at;
Dealership: RATHOD TOYOTA, Vapi. 
I did a self registration. 
I paid aprox 30k for extended warranty (5 years / 100,000 kms)
I got to do my own insurance as well, which saved me aprox INR 40k. 
Freebies: OE Toyota Floor Mats. 
It was just over 6 kms on the odo when i took delivery.

Dealership Experience 10/10

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4 hours ago, sachins said:

Many congrats Karan on your new accusation !!

I specially like the way your video shows transformation from old Fortuner to current one.


Thanks Sachin for your wishes & appreciation. 

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