Jerking problem in a 10 yr old Santro while engaging higher gears after first

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Hi, My Hyundai Santro 2007 model has done 41k. 2 weeks back it suddenly faced jerking issues while engaging second gear onwards. Somehow managed to take it to a Bosch service centre, but they say they have not been able to zero in on the issue having worked on this issue for 2 days. When I googled abouy this issue, some possible causes I could find were like fuel injectors or pump clogged issues due to poor fuel quality, ECM or related sensor issues, camshaft sensor related issues. But if you have knowledge about this kind of issues, any kind of advice or suggestions might help, for me to again get back to the service centre guys. Else another plan would be to go to Hyundai service if it is engine related bigger issues.

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@Rajaram open the bonnet of your ride and post pictures. 

        When was the last service done and what all things were done?

     What is your qualification? I am asking you, about your education, so I can suggest accordingly.

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