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Hemant Dahale

Drive to Leh from Bengaluru by X1

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I am planning to drive my BMW X1 December 2016 model, all the way from Bengaluru to Leh via Srinagar route around end of May 2017. If anyone has done drive by any BMW car, please share the experience and advise on dos and don't. It it will be great help to me for planning.



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@Hemant Dahale

1. All original documents like RC, Insurance, PUC, Anytime warranty policy. 
2. Car user manual (very important to locate fuses and how to change them)
3. Check Battery & Carry Both keys
4. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 amp fuses (mini size)
5. An empty plastic can (5 lit capacity for emergency use)
6. A cloth and few newspapers (to clean windshield)
7. Small bottle of COLIN liquid.
8. Check air pressure in all tyres including Spare wheel.
9. Carry the jack, wheel spanner, battery operated torch (never a rechargeable one), umbrella (to change tyres during rain or any repairs)
10. Check engine oil, coolant level, brake fluid, clutch fluid, windshield wash liquid.
11. inspect the engine bay for damaged hoses or wires.
12. Check the working of Horn, all lights front and rear.
13. Since this is a long trip, do a complete alignment balancing before starting, if car is running to a different direction if the steering is left alone on a plain smooth road.
14. Carry spare two H4 60/55 watt headlight bulbs.
15. Change a new set of wiper blades 
16. Plan the route and strictly use the same route. 
17. Car charger for mobile (must have)
18. Know where are the BMW ASS in ur route, RSA details, Phone numbers of all the BMW ASS in ur route, petrol pumps in ur route, restaurants, toll plazas.
19. Carry some biscuits (strictly no junk foods)
20. Cruise gently in 80-90 kph speeds (no over speeding please)
21. Take a small break every 100 kms or one hour (mandatory) and wash ur face with water and soap (must do)
22. Carry a polarised sunglass (useful during sunrise n sunset drives to avoid glare)
23. Always fill diesel from lorry owners association outlets (they usually don't adulterate)

24. Carry a air compressor and tyre repair kit, lessons for tyre repair you can get from YouTube 



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@vikky1971...really nice info.

Even though I am not driving so far, your check list with minute details, I feel like planning one trip...

One suggestion , .. high ground clearance , preferably 4 wheel drive and support vehicle or group of 2-3 vehicle is important pertaining to 'extremely bad roads 'or 'No roads 'at places.

Happy planning and Adventure @ Hemant

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