My first car, on a very limited budget

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I want to purchase a new car. It will be my first. Its only for city commute. And 300 km(150km one side)in a month to my home from my workplace. I dont want to spend much. It will be on loan bt not convinced on hefty emi's. So only alto 800 and alto k10 is on my mind. Alto k10vxi(o) is for 3.7(4.15 onroad including rto expenses) ex showroom after discounts. Alto 800 vxi(o) is 3.18 ex showroom. So difference is about 52-53k. I am not able to judge which will be better for me and also not able to make my mind to spend extra for k10. Also which has better fuel efficiency in real world not arai figures. Pls suggest soon


Whats your Budget - Rs 4.00l



Kms driven monthly - 500-700kms


Bodyshell - Hatch


City/Highway split - 80:20


Max No.of Passangers - 1-2 most of the time  


Boot space Importance - Medium


Usage by - ___________normal_______normal/Enthu/Lady/Old age


Ownership - City



Safety - ____________medium_________High/Medium/anything


Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Resale/Passenger Comfort


Softcorner'd Manufacturer -MARUTI SUZUKI

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