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I'm planning on buying Creta. Diesel or Petrol - undecided. My questions are primarily on the quality of exterior / interiors and drive experience. I've tried to find answers on the forum but guess my questions are a bit different.

I own Verna (3 years old) and Honda Civic (7 years old). So my questions are a bit related to my experience using the same.

1. How is the interior material durability of Creta? Is it lasting enough for a long term buy?
(My experience with Verna has been bad in terms of interior quality. The a/c vents knobs have all fallen off after 2.5 years, the handbrake on the Verna doesnt work as smoothly as it was at the begining. While Civic's has been excellent even after 7 years)
2. Is the front armrest comfortable enough to place left hand on while driving? Is it good enough for two people to place their arms on the armrest?
3. How comfortable are the seat belts of Creta? I've got trouble wearing Verna's seatbelts, it doesn't feel comfortable at all.
4. Do you feel comfrotable sitting on the driver's seat while driving?
5. How sturdy are the bumpers / exteriors of Creta in a bumper accident situation? 
(My Civic has been hit many times on the back, but the bumper just keeps going, while the one on Verna looks like it would fall of in a minor bumper accident too)
6. How good is the Creta on turns? Is it sturdy or does it feel like the car will roll sidewards on fast turns on highways?
7. How good is Creta on highways at high speeds? Is it smooth or feels jarry / rickety?
8. Any owners who own the car for 1 plus year - Does it feel creeky / rickety inside or does it feel rock solid as new in terms of noise from the interiors?

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Hi @ravimittal99

May be I can answer a few of your queries. 

1. Interior Durability - This is an issue with Hyundai Cars. When you compare to competition, they feel top notch. Compare Xcent with Dzire/Amaze, Verna with Ciaz/City, i20 with Baleno/Jazz, Grandi10 with Ignis/Swift... Hyundai seem to out do all cars in terms of cabin quality, fit and finish. BUT! Yes a big BUT. The interiors are not that durable. I have experienced this with 2 Verna and an i10. The interiors are too soft touch to be durable and are not sturdy at all. They feel plush without a doubt but yes there is this factor that after 2-3 yr, small bits and pieces tend to come out frequently (Verna has a common problem of AC knobs and Fog lights)

2. Front Armrest - I have driven the Creta. Yes it is comfortable to drive however arm rest in front is good for one person only. This is true for other cars as well not just Hyundai.

3. Seat Belts - I did not face such issue on Verna, Probably height adjust might help you.

4. Comfort - Yes Hyundais are comfortable. Just the matter don't drive too fast as car never seems too confident when you compare to say Brezza.

5. Bumpers/Exterior - Being a Verna/i10 owner I can surely say that bumpers are not that sturdy. Small push, the locks come out. A harder one, bumper cracks. On verna, drive a little fast and on undulations. fog light come off sometimes. On the other hand, Creta having an advantage of height and cladding, should be sturdy. 

6/7. Drive Experience - Hyundai's are known for soft suspension setup. In city traffic you glide over everything and feel wow. But this experience changes drastically as you gain pace. You own a Verna and must be aware of the same. On high speed, you are not that confident about handling and have to provide constant inputs for going fast. I have driven Creta on highway and experience is far better there when compared to Verna. BUT, still it has the touch of under-confidence.

8. Owner Experience - I don't own one personally but have a friend who owns one. So the experience is based on experience of a road trip.

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Hi Ksgulyani,

Thank you so much for your detailed response. It makes things more clear for me.

I guess it's a given that we have to take some issues with Hyundai cars at face value given their lower pricing. They do have beautiful looking exteriors and interiors however, they do compromise somewhere and these knick-knacks make it more evident.

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