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The Video starts off with a quick open air class room session;

e 1.jpg

And an in depth discussion on Engine Performance & Handling;



- Looks & Stance
- Power Delivery of the V6 Engine 
- Interior Space & Comfort
- Air Suspension & Ride Quality


- Run Flats & 225 mm width tyres (Better, Wider tyres should transform the ride & handling further) 
- Ground Clearance is at a low 135 mm (Even low @ 120mm in sport, sport+ mode)
- Missing features like the HUD, front double display screen & rear infotainment is disappointing at this price point.
- Big Price Gap between the petrol & top end diesel v6 (the nicer version).

Other Observations; 

- The LWB may look mis proportionate in pics but in flesh it seems to look pretty good. 
- The doors of the car never seem to close properly, it seems they are the ones designed for the soft close feature, hence looks like a last minute omission by Mercedes India. 
- Steering is good for a Electric Unit. 
- Though the seats are of artificial leather they seem to be of great quality & will not disappoint at all. 
- LED headlamps are excellent. 
- This being a LWB & Real Seat focussed car is jokingly missing Audio / Mercedes Command Controls at the back. 
- Rear seats recline by 37 Degrees. 
- Its Fast & Fun to drive, handles well too, as i said in the review DO NOT confuse judgement with handling as its a long car.
- But, Handling could have been better with wider tyres as these 225's scare more than the length of the car. 
- Though i have mentioned the Ground Clearance as a dislike, but i love the stance of the car. 
- This is the 1st time that the E-Class is offered without a spare tyre (Does offer a space saver though)
- Fuel Economy i managed from the V6 was a decent 10.4 km/l & with 66L Fuel Tank will have a good range. 
- Note, this time there will be no E250d on offer but an E220d which will launch soon. 
- This new 2L Diesel from the E220d is codenamed OM654 (All Aluminium) and will have 195hp & 400NM of torque (100 NM less than the E250d which was 500NM)


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