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Cars At The Geneva Motor Show 2008

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Source Rediffnews

04look.jpgTata Nano goes to Geneva!

March 04, 2008

The Tatas on Tuesday presented at the 78th

Geneva Motor Show the Tata Nano, the Rs 1-lakh People's Car, and three

other vehicles: the new generation Indica, the new Safari DICOR 2.2 VTT

and the Xenon.

The Nano will first be launched in India

later in 2008. The new generation Indica will be launched in the latter

part of 2008 in international markets. The Safari DICOR 2.2 VTT and the

Xenon have just been introduced in select markets.

Tata Motors, India's largest

automobile maker, is looking at developing hybrid vehicles that run on

clean fuels, but does not expect itself to be a major player in the

hybrid technology space.

"We are, in fact, very keen and in

course of time are looking at working on vehicles that run on biofuels.

. . electric vehicles and hybrid fuels," Tata Motors Chairman Ratan

Tata said during an interaction with Indian journalists at the Geneva

Motor Show, where the company is previewing the world's cheapest car


Biofuels include ethanol and biodiesel, derived from organic matters such sugarcane or vegetable oil.

He said the company was also looking at flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on petrol with a blend of up to 85 per cent ethanol.

"We may not be a major player, but will definitely be in those segments by buying in technology," Tata said.

The Tatas have been under attack from green

activists, who argue that Tata Motors' ultra-cheap car Nano would add

to congestion on Indian roads and pollution. Ratan Tata, however, said

the people's car meets all emission requirements.

Asked how the company plans to fight back the negative propaganda, he asked: "Why don't we let the market decide?"

Tata Motors Managing Director Ravi Kant said 50 Tata buses, powered by biofuels, were running in Pune for the last two years.

The company is also understood to be

looking at the feasibility of an electric vehicle based on the platform

of its mini-truck Ace.

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Design-wise, the car combines some new styling elements with the usual

Skoda front end and a notchback that could also be Korean or Japanese.

In terms of innovations, the twin-door tailgate opening system ranks at

the top. It gives you the choice to either open the trunk lid or lift

the entire tailgate assembly.

The revised interior offers increased legroom, technical

improvements such as a DVD-based touchscreen navigation system, and

build quality that is almost up to Audi standards.

The VW-inspired engine lineup spans from 105 to 260

horsepower. There are three diesels, including the brand-new 170-hp 2.0

TDI DPF with common-rail injection, and three gasoline units, among

them two four-cylinder TSIs (125 and 160 hp) and a new 260-hp 3.6 FSI


Interestingly, the Czech car manufacturer will offer the VR6

model with a six-speed DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive at no extra

cost. For the first time, Skoda will also build a wagon version of its

flagship, but don't expect to see it before late 2009.

What this means to you:The Superb is being transformed into a true flagship for the Skoda range.

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