problem with bike !!

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hey guys i have honda shine i have been facing some problems after 2nd servicing this time "engine flushing" is done.i dont know what it is but mechanic said this will make your ride more smooth.here are the problems

1. it stopped when it was in neutral then when full clutch was pressed, this happened 2-3 times and happened in initial 15-20 mins when started from long halt.

2. bike doesnt start in first kick when i start after long halt otherwise its perfectly okay.

3. i have not checked it but looks like my average has gone down to 40s from 50s

when i took my bike honda service station they took a ride and said fuel level is less thats causing bike to stop ( i always put 2lts fuel ) and if thats the case why it never stopped before? finally he said we can do avg adjustment coz they didnt find any problem in bike i decided not to give bike.

what could be the problem ? shall i take to local garage ?

as well as give some tips to improve avg & maintain bike .

thanx ninad

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Clean the carburettor and get it adjusted properly.

Clean the spark plug and adjust the gap as per owner's manual.

Also get the Air Filter Cleaned.

Get these jobs done through your well-known mechanic, so that reliability won't be issue.

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let not scare our frind here, If he is not getting the vibration problem don't mention it. As for his current problem just go to a local mech whom you know does the job, cause CO service they dont pay good attention to the bike since they dont have that much time.

Its a minor problem it can be fixed, as for Average for the bike goes, keep few thinks in mind.

1. Service the bike every 2 months

2. Check engine oil

3. Check if the chain is tight

4. Air press for the tyres

5. Ya dont run you bike in reserve keep theĀ  fuel level to half the tank thats if you can but dont run it in reserve.

6. Rev it gently

Thats all that you need. Ya keep the bike clean

Ride Safe & Helmet Please smiley1.gif

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