A googly from China via Kolkata?


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Source Rediffnews

Tara Tiny @ Rs 99K is the world's cheapest car!

March 17, 2008

The Tata Nano is no longer the world's

cheapest car! Jostling along with Tata Nano, this July, will be Tara

Tiny and Tara Titu. These are zero emission, electric cars and cost

only Rs 99,000!

And they come from the Tara International stable.

Tara S Ganguly, the company's chairman

and chief executive officer, had a big dream. And he set about

realising it 'in a small way.' Tara International has teamed up with

China's Aucma, a leading player in the electrical vehicles and

appliances segment, to manufacture these cars.

At the moment, four variants of

electric cars are ready at the Tara International factory at Palta, a

few kilometers from Kolkata. These are Tara Tiny, Tara Titu (two-seater

and four-seater, respectively), Tara Shuttle, and Tara Carrier. While

Tara Tiny and Tara Titu are priced at Rs 99,000 (approximately), Tara

Shuttle and Tara Carrier are priced at Rs 500,000 (approximately).

The company will also launch electric bikes priced between Rs 12,000 and Rs 35,000.

The Tara series cars are available in

electric red, black and white. Bikes comes in varied hues -- green,

blue, red, etc. To know about the specifications of the car and see

more pictures of the world's 'cheapest' car.

Comments by Yours Truly

    Vow!! now look at that! The two box Japanese and Korean small cars are looked down upon by the Americans who call them CUB's (Cheap Ugly Boxes).Now we Indians can also get a chance to look down upon this so called Tara (not Tata) as a CUB. The bodyshell is a poor true copy of the Daewoo Matiz which sells as replicas under so many Chinese names.

    For Rs 99,000 what more can one expect other than a compromise on safety, fit and finish, reliability and so on ? What the user may get is economy.

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More Tara stuff :  Source Rediffnews



18slid11.jpgTara Titu specifications:

No. of seats: 2

Net weight: 940 kg

Wheel base: 1800 mm

Maximum speed: 55 km/hour

Maximum grade ability: 13%

Motor power: 5 kw

Battery voltage: 12V*4

Recharge duration: 8 hours

Driving charge: 130 km

Ground clearance: 110/mm

Running cost: 55 p/km

Battery capacity: 200/Ah

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The Tara Tiny looks like a scaled down 'Indica' !!!! Imitation is the best form of flattery, I suppose. The other Titu looks like a pathetic imitation of the A class. "Don't want to be found dead in Tara's Tiny Tits, nope". Probably their next model will be called Scarlett OHara or Rhett Butler. I think Chinese products will be "Gone with the wind". I think we have been spoilt by our home grown Bajaj and Hero Honda soo much that no Chini disposable bike will be able to make it here...what say? Just think of the quality of Hero Honda and the innovations of Bajaj, no Ching bike stands a chance. But in the not too distant future...I see my 'nokrani' come to work in a Tara or a Tata: India is truly 'shining'.Durango Dude2008-03-23 12:49:18

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