Software Change in ŠKODA Rapid

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Dear All

I sent my  ŠKODA Rapid to service centre for free monsoon checkup. The car was checked and returned. But I found that that the pickup of the car has diminished and fuel efficiency has increased fairly. As I needed more pickup I again sent it over there and after re tuning the car I lost both pickup and fuel efficiency. Then I took the car to another service centre and explained everything, but there also I did not get much improvement in the performance. When inquired  about this issue both service centres said that  ŠKODA has changed the software and that is the reason. I feel this may not be true. Do any one have similar experience or have any inputs on this issue, please post. Alsop how can I go legally, if the specifications of the performance after software update, has changed from the original specs as per the owner's manual

Please reply

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@harikkuttan, i think your car has been updated by service centre for the dieselgate fix.

There is already a thread on this on team-bhp forum. Many owners who got this update done are unhappy with it as performance has taken a hit.


Many people have reported that fix has been carried out by service centres without their consent.

If they indeed updated your car with the fix then they should have atleast taken your permission before doing so.


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