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Hi there,

            I have sent two mails to regarding the service I got from the XASS but I haven't yet received even one reply from them (ACI). I would like to mention that I am a Subscriber of ACI but still I am not getting any feedback. What should I do FRG?

Please tell me someone how should I open the eyes and ears of ACI so that they can read and hear my queries and help me getting JUSTICE.

I mailed the following on 27-09-2007 at 06:50pm to

Hi there,

            I am a Subscriber of Autocar India . My Name is Sudeep Dilip Dantkale and Subscription Number is 8811.


I purchased Pulsar 180-DTSi (with Digital Speedo, LCD) in February

2007. The gearbox makes very much NOISE while shifting the gears

(inspite of depressing the clutch fully while shifting the gears). The

NOISE is similar to that one which comes when shifted without

depressing the clutch. But I depress the clutch fully every time but

still the Noise comes.

I went to the Bajaj Authorised Service

Centre and showed them this 'problem'. But the Service Head at the

Authorised Service Centre said this cannot be called as a problem. It

is the 'Bike Characteristic' and this 'noise' comes for every bike in

India. He lubricated and adjusted the chain, adjusted the clutch play

but in vain.

             Not satisfied with his answer. I showed it

to the local mechanic. He advised me to get the job done from

Authorised Service Centre only.


Then I test rode a new 180 DTSi (at the showroom) whose gearbox was

silky smooth. Then I asked the dealer about my 'problem'. He also was

unable to solve my problem. He told me that the Service Manager from

Bajaj, Akurdi comes for a monthly visit. Then we will show him the

problem. But one month has passed and I haven't got a reply from him.


I also asked the Service Head why the noise comes only from my bike and

not from Showroom Model. He replied the Bajaj Company used different

parts for that bike (Showroom Model). I asked him if my bike and the

bike I test rode is manufactured by the Same Company(Bajaj Auto

Limited), at the Same Plant, by Same Process, why should only my bike

make NOISE while shifting the gears and that another bike. He was

unable to answer this question.

I feel embarrassed when the gearbox makes Noise while shifting the gears in a crowd.

   Now all my hopes are on you. Can you please help me to get this problem solved at the earliest?

Then I mailed the following on 14-03-2008 at 10:35pm to

Hi there,

          My Name is Sudeep Dilip Dantkale and my Autocar India Subscription Number is 8811.

          We own Tata Indigo LS(May2004) and Tata Indigo XL Dicor Grande (May2007).

          1.The Indigo LS has covered 1,43,000+kms.

            The car suffered from Reverse Gear Shift Problem.

Whenever I tried to engage the Reverse Gear, the gearbox refused to

shift. I drove a little forward in 1st and again tried to shift. But

again gearbox refused. I took the car to the TASS. The guy there said

the clutch plate need to be replaced. I said I dont face problems while

shifting forward gears, but reverse gear. He said after replacing

clutch Assembly, this problem will get solved. He replaced the complete

clutch assembly. The bill is mentioned below.

           Part Description                               Qty          Rate         Amount

           Clutch Assembly                                

1         1068.00        1068.00

           Clutch Disc Assembly                         1          2223.12        2223.12

           Assembly Clutch Release Yoke           1            393.00          393.00       

           Clutch Release Bearing                       1     

      607.00          607.00

           Bush Upper                                        1              26.00           26.00

           Bush Lower                                        1              25.40          


           DRG Oil Seal                                     2             106.78         213.56

           D/S Inte.Sel Shifter Shaft                    1               28.00           28.00

           Assembly Clutch Cable                      1        

     372.00         372.00



Rs.    4956.08



But after carrying this work, still I am facing the Reverse Gear Shift

problem. On asking the supervisor, he does not give any response. I

contacted the TATA Regional Manager, but still no feedback.

          2. The Indigo XL Dicor has covered 34,778kms.

             The clutch pedal is hard to press.i.e,

we have to apply very much pressure to press the pedal. Because of this

hardness the vehicle stalls if clutch is released fast. But the engine

does provide very good pickup once the clutch is released carefully.


I showed the vehicle at the free checkup camp arranged by TASS. The

guys there said the Pressure Plate will have to be replaced to make the

clutch pedal soft. He also said the Clutch Plate also have to be

replaced with the Pressure Plate as the Previous Clutch Plate must have

worn to some extent which will not match the NEW Pressure Plate.

          Then I showed to another TASS. They said the clutch plate has worn out, but can go for another 10000-12000kms.


I dont think the clutch plate needs replacement because the car pulls

very happily and I was able to touch the speed of 170+kmph that too

without giving full throttle and the fuel efficiency is 20kmpl with AC.

Then how the supervisors say clutch wore out and needs replacement.



Can anyone convince ACI to help me getting the problems of our vehicles solved?

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