Best Sustainable Car Batteries for Your Vehicle

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Car batteries are something we all need every single day of our lives. We now live in a connected age, with electric cars on the horizon. This means that the battery segment is soon to witness a bloom. Our experts have compiled every sort of information which you might need to keep in mind. Want to know more information about Car Batteries Please visit my website.

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Vickky1971, the Battery Council International has come up with a series of standardized tests that allow all battery manufacturers to list specifications for their batteries, based on the outcome of those standardized tests. One of the measurements that can be determined from those standardized tests is how many cold cranking amps (CCA) a battery can generate.  

CCA means  Cold" is in the name, they put a battery in a cold environment (0°F/-18°C) and measure the discharge load in amperes that a new, fully-charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds, while still maintaining terminal voltage equal to or higher than 1.20 volts per cell. 700 CCA is battery capacity like 65Ah or 70Ah.   

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Car battery fitment depends upon on how much capacity battery is required for your vehicle. Many brands batteries are available in market and battery specification is according battery capacity. Like in Maruti-Suzuki Swift petrol car battery fitments is 35Ah, all 35Ah battery size is same for every manufacturers.

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6 hours ago, vikky1971 said:

@mayanktanwar I wanted to know CCA but I missed the post by @Herry Das as he wrote my name incorrectly. 65AH battery means the battery capable of supplying 65A line current to load continuously for 1Hour

Battery voltage or cranking power is 12 volt and capacity can be different.

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