Skoda Octavia vs Jeep Compass vs Toyotal Corolla Altis

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I'm looking to buy a car in the 15-20 lac range and my options are dwindling between Octavia, Jeep Compass and Corolla Altis. I do know that while there are two sedans and one SUV, I'm really okay with anything provided they meet my requirement which is mainly: 

  1. After sales maintenance / service costs
  2. Drive quality after 4-5 years as I intend to keep it for a long term.

My daily driving routine is just around 2-5 kms from home-work-home and I've been driving the Honda Civic since many years now and been in love with the ride, comfort, quality, maintenance and after sales service. I've owned a Chevrolet earlier and owning it was a pain!

Any owners of the above cars (except Jeep of course) can shed light on what has been their experience owning these cars?

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I am in the same boat and have same requirements.

But I have eliminated Corolla Altis last week from these 3. The new Octavia considerably beats Altis. Power is better, handling is better. Turning Radius, Auto Park is awesome. Its much more pleasure. Only point in favour of corolla is that its resale value is higher but I plan to keep it for long time so that does not help me too much.

Now its between Jeep Compass vs Skoda Octavia. Have not taken test drive of Compass yet. Going for it today. Anyone any points between these two, let me know

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Well, since your driving distance is very short and you have tasted the quality of Honda and keeping car for longer duration, I would suggest, look no further then Altis.

It is one of the most refined mid segment luxury sedan on this planet and toyota's reliability is well known across the globe.

Pick the petrol Auto variant and you would be relaxed for next 10 years for sure.

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