Single Shade of Grey - Elite i20 Asta O CRDi

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Bought Uber i20 Asta Crdi in August 2009 when the diesel engine came out, sill own the same in Mumbai it has run close to 95000 km since that time. I was doing my Btech and needed a family car and it fit in our budget and requirement (still does). The car is so good that my dad doesn't want to sell it due to excellent CRDi engine and all wheel disc brakes it still suits our requirement to the T.

After completing my Btech I shifted back at home and have used the extensively during my business startup in Mumbai and I still rejoice using the same.

Things change I got into premier MBA college in Kerala and it was the best part of my life and again I was with out a car which I can say is my own. It was always in my mind that whatever job/business etc I join or start my first priority is to get a car which I will cherish since I LOVE TO DRIVE.

After joining my new job I shifted to Bangalore and hence started looking for options in the market, spoilt by the turbo CRDi a petrol car didn't make the cut, anyways my running is more than 1200km monthly so diesel it is.


I am on the heavier side so interior space and ergonomics is a must so out went most of the cars and I set a budget limit of 10-11 lakhs.

Swift- Good car but my left leg scrapes the dashboard and the plastics are a shame for the B segment (for is it now B- segment)

Baleno- Didn't like the design and the plastics are horrible (I am used to plastic on the uber i20)

Ecosport- Liked the car very much but the option/trim level was 2 lakhs over budget and I didn't like layout of dashboard

Figo- Its a VFM, along with the strong engine but plastics man, I couldn't feel interiors but I recommend the car to others who are on tight budgets

Jazz- the car has good space, diesel engine is too noisy but I didn't like the design (older Jazz looked well Jazzy)

i20- Again I didn't want to see this first since we already have an i20 at home but a test drive and I couldn't see myself settling for others.




Me- Dad I like new i20

Dad- We already have one at home, now market has many options check them out

Me- Sab dekhliya kisi me maza nahi

Dad- You take car from our home and let me buy a new one

Me- No ways, I can't for-see myself transferring from one expensive RTO (MH01) to another expensive RTO (KA01), it doesn't make sense

Dad- Sleep on the decision

Me- I have slept already I have made my decision

Dad- Then buy one

Me- Ok. Dad kaunsa wala lena hai cladding wala ya normal wala (active vs elite)

Dad- What is the different?

Me- 63k and you get plastic around the car, better acceleration (shorter drive ratio) more GC

Dad- Photo dikhao

Me- Check Whatsapp aur the different colours

Dad- Buy the brown one

Me- Let me test drive both once more and see


The next day

Me- Dad brown is good colour but I don't see myself with plastic cladding wali

Dad- Why did you even bring that into the picture

Me- I thought that the projector were available in only that

Dad- Now you don't buy normal one and fit in projector afterwards

Me- No they have new option variant which has them fitted from factory

Dad- Ok book one in brown

Me- Brown me nahi hai wo wala

Dad- Silver/ White karlo

Me- Stardust Dad

Dad- Okay do whatever you decision you car.



Asta CRDi Option pack On Road Bangalore 10.71lakhs

Negotiated 10k discount with free seat cover, mudflap and mats, price protection

Mine is the Option variant w/o 6 airbags so no problem with seat covers

B2B insurance from outside saved 12k more

Net outgo 10.47 lakhs


New updated variant was 15 days away but the catch is it will be 18k more, new price will be applicable (increase in ex-showroom cost of 20k). Net increase is cost was around 45k plus take in cost of hiring cab aggregator for 15 days and anxiety, so I stuck with my earlier deal.



Bought the car in August 2016 and have covered nearly 15k on the odo, have added piggback ECU from RaceDynamics, daily drive can be from 10km to 350 kms (I am in sales).

Difference Elite Vs Uber

Elite Advantage-

Better interior quality

Linear Power Delivery

Better NVH

Better Handling

Looks more handsome (I look back at the car whichever I lock it)

Better connectivity (bluetooth, navigation etc my uber i20 did come with bluetooth when i bought it)

Longer wheelbase better rear legroom


Uber Advantage-

All Wheel Disc brakes

Turbo Kick


Value at today's Price


790000- 1050000 [260000]

Additional Features

All Wheel disc brakes, 4 channel ABS- Navigation,Bluetooth,Projector lights, better chassis strength, 16 inch alloy, 16 tyres, auto headlamp, bigger AC compressor (125vs90cc)

15000+5000- (20000+20000+35000 (debatable)+15000+20000+3000) [93000]

Inflation Cost (2009 vs 2016 @ 5% yearly)

Uber would cost me 1058500 in 2016 with 5% inflation cost

So the net Value addition in the Elite at the time of buy is [1047000-93000-1058500]=INR 104500 (Thank You Competition)





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