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My First Car: Swift Vxi(o) or Grand i10 Sportz Petrol

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I want to purchase my first car (am looking for only Petrol car) in the budget of 6 to 6.5 Lakhs. I am considering my car to have the safety features like ABS and Airbags. I am confused to decide between Maruti Swift Vxi (O) versus Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz 2017

Bangalore On Road Prices:
Swift Vxi (O) - 7 Lakhs (approx, no discounts)
Grand i10 Sportz - 6.4 Lakhs (after dealer discounts)

The main things that is creating confusion was to decide between the "Safety" vs "Features"
Swift Vxi (o):
- After sales service and better resale value
- Better Handling and Better Fuel Efficiency
- A new Swift version is down the line, not sure if this is right time to buy a Swift that will gives older look in few months.
- Value for Money Proposition compared to Grand i10 offers in features.
- Heard that Breaking in Vxi variants of Swift is not at par with the Grand i10 Sportz.

Grand i10 Sportz 2017:
- Steering Mounted Volume Controls
- Reverse parking sensor
- Cooled glove box
- Rear AC Vents
- Better interiors
- No ABS
- Resale value and A.S.S

Considering the budget I want to go with Grand i10.
But, I am ready to stretch my budget a bit and go with Swift if ABS is really a factor to consider between these two variants. I am not sure, if I can wait till next year for the new Swift. So considering that I will buy a new car this month what will be best choice between Swift and Grand i10.

To get the same feature that Grand i10 provides, I need to spend extra 80K on Swift Vxi. 3 years down the line, will I be able to compensate the extra bucks am spending on Swift comparing the A.S.S and Resale value of the Grand i10.

Please advise, thanks in advance.

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I think ABS plays an important role at times, I have experienced it personally with and without ABS. So believe me they are needful.

So if you are thinking of keeping the car with you for 4-5years and maybe a little more than that, then you should definitely go for the vehicle with ABS+EBD and Airbags. 

According to me, you can also have a look at the next-gen Ford Figo Trend 1.2P

Its a good car with an absolutely fantastic ASS. It has ABS+EBD, Airbags, Steering mounted controls etc.

Ford cars are famous for the way they drive and handle. Have a test drive and I am sure you will love it.

The on-road price should also lie somewhere around 6,50,000-6,60,000

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