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Bought Mercedes GLC in the month of July from Auto Hangar Nagpur._I complained about the cabin noise the very second day I bought the car but the dealer said it will go away.then after a month a again complained._They took the vehicle for repair but the problem still persisted and all the more._They again took it after a month and said that suspension is damaged and they replaced it and said noise is gone._But again the noise was there.they took it again and at present its under repair.A brand like Mercedes needs to change suspension in 3 months snd practically my car was in garage for 20 days out of 4 months of ownership.The dealer here in nagpur are pretty irresponsive and they do not bother once they have sold the car.i had problems with my monthly emi as well but dont want to discuss it here.would suggest never buy a glc as its a inferior product and company has compromised a lot for indian customers.the nouse is like a ordinary suv of Tata or do not expect such a product and setvice from a brand called mercedes benz.i will be going to consumer court for the inferior product I got inspite of spending around 60 lacs



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@Abhay panpaliya you are getting cabin noise due to poor cabin insulation or something about to break? Except maruti-Suzuki I think all dealers are easy going. Maruti-Suzuki gets after the dealers if the customers complain against them or their employee. Merc.sales aren’t so much, I think they should keep their customers happy.

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