Tips for Bike Care to Avoid Bike Breakdown

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here are 7 tips for you to keep your bike in smooth condition

1. Clean it: It is essential to keep your bike clean, as you bath to stay clean your bike too needs a bath. Here one need not need a tool box or some fancy kit. All one need is soapy water, a sponge or cloth & an old tooth brush. Give a nice bath to your bike & oil the required parts. Doing this ones in two weeks would be of a great benefit to maintain your bike.

2. Pump up your tyre: Poorly inflated tyres are prone to punctures. So make sure you pump up your tyre regularly. For this you need a pressure gauge, you can borrow this from any bike shop. Look on the side of your tyre for a number followed by the letters PSI, that tells you how much air to put in. If there is even a single puncture, get the puncture repair as soon as possible to avoid further puncture.

3. Check your brake pads: Worn brake pads equal rubbish brakes. You can tell they are worn if you can hardly see the grooves any more. Fitting new brake pads is a very cheap and easy fix and any number of websites can show you how. You just need a set of Allen keys and some patience.

4. Your bikes health checkup: Everything cannot be done at personal level, so ones in six months you may need some professional help. There are some repairs that only professionals could do. So it is always good to get your bike monitored by some professional & get the needful done. There are many road side assistance services who provide packages for this & they are pocket friendly too.

5. Lubrication: Buy some bike specific lubricant and use it little on any parts of your bike where metal touches metal. There is no point oiling your chain unless you have cleaned it properly first or else you’ll make matters worse.

6. Check your wheels: Turn your bike upside down and spin your wheels. Do they wobble a little from side to side? If so, they need “truing”. This is a quick fix, but not one for an amateur, as you need special equipment. A bike shop will do this for you at a small fee.

7. Minor fitting & fixing: Make sure to keep nuts and bolts tight, but don’t over tighten them. If the engine always has shorts, check the wiring connections to see if they are properly fitted or secured completely. Checking your lights and indicators on a regular basis is absolutely essential, faulty lights could put you at serious risk of taking a spill and injuring yourself.

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Tips mentioned above covers all the safety measure. I would suggest you to use engine oils that are specifically designed for bike. Depending on your usage you can choose between synthetic and semi synthetic oil. As a consumer, i myself is usin Divyol by gandhar oil. My daily travelling is 30kms. I found semi synthetic for my level of usage quite cost effective. for heavy usage, synthetic oils are preferred. However, prices of these oils are comparatively high.

You also need to check the oil level regularly to avoid any excessive wear. 

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