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Sub 4 m-suv which one is more safe and lower maintenence cost

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Dear all

Kindly guide,  I want to buy sub 4meter such for my daily city use and sometimes  long drive.   My first priority is safety  (high speed crash),   2nd mileage &  maintenance  cost. Daily running should be around 40-50km plus occasionally  long drive. We have zerod on Honda wr v because of sunroof and now in  tata Nixon,  

Safety wise which best Honda wr v,  vitara breeza  or tata Nixon? 


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Safety - Ecosport (6 Airbags in to variant). Rest all have 2. 

Mileage - Vitara Brezza

Maintenance Cost - Vitara Brezza

Tata Nexon/WRV are very good products. While Nexon offers good styling and feature list with amazing ride and handling, it looses on fit and finish and little ergonomics. WRV - It misses on features and feels under-powered (petrol). Diesel has NVH issues. 

Ford Ecosport - It is a very very capable product. Facelifted model is a delight. It is just the maintenance and running cost of ford cars that too compared to Maruti Suzuki that it starts feeling expensive.

Brezza - It has best of all worlds. From features to maintenance to mileage to handling etc. 


So my recommendation would be - 

Petrol - Ecosport

Diesel - Brezza (Ecosport if you want to spend more)


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Futuristic design.TATA Always rectify the mistakes in first product and come up with complete product in Version-2. We yet to hear any complaint about Nexon but it is always wait for their second product because Tested and proven alternatives are available.Nexon have more powerful engine compare to competitors.


We own 2014 Ford Ecosport and 2016 TUV 300. Ecosport is the most safest and comfortable car in this segment. The interior is really cramped and it lacks instruments and convenient features compare to competitors.


We own 2010 Jazz which as clocked nearly 1,40,000 kms. Still you never hear any rattle sound or it never demand any replacement of parts than Regular service and tyre change. Honda Steering, Gearbox and Clutch are superior compare to competitors and it is mileage champion in this segment. 

Vitara Brezza:

Brezza is the all rounder in this segment. Its Range Rover Look, Mileage , Interiors and Maruti's proven After sales support making it own 75 % market share and rest all competitors sharing 25 % .Brezza has changed Maruti's Small car manufacturer Image and its 15K sale per month has taken Average cost /Car to anywhere near to 7.5L from 5L.My recommendation for a person looking for Compact Diesel SUV Will be Maruti Vitara Brezza Followed by W-RV,Ecosport and Nexon. 



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