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Bike Rental Service

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Understanding the root cause of the problem faced by customers, providing a solution with good intention and using latest modern technology is the success mantra for any successful business. 

In last few years, few things have changed very fast; one of them is Indians' aspirations which lead to sudden urbanization phenomena across India. Many cities expanded like anything but the infrastructure could not match the pace of growth of population expansion. Which lead to daily common traffic jam and road congestion? Many reasons late this; we cannot blame only government. Of course, many state governments in India were either sleeping or were busy in accumulating money via corruption, simultaneously the pace of urbanization was too fast to meet the required infrastructure. The width of the road is same, no proper township plan, everywhere concrete jungle get build-up without a proper plan. Which started creating road conjunction and traffic jam everywhere in the city? Dwellers of city get started facing time scarcity to reach their workplace or to the required destination. 

Few of entrepreneurs take the advantages of this daily severe problem and started a new business segment like online car rental services, the international player UBER, local giant OLA and much more started car rental business in many cities of India. Initially, they got a good market share but later they realized that online car rental is not a solution to the problem. So they came up with a new concept like Ola auto, still most of these companies cannot understand the real problem of the daily commentators of the suddenly grown cities. The problem is not to book a car or auto online the main problem is travelling time and road congestion? 

A few days back I was having my dinner at Barbeque Nation (Indranagar) in Bangalore, by the chance, I met two friends Mr. Harshit Sonthalia and Mr. Vansh Jain. During our conversation, they told me they started bike rental service in Bangalore. Mr. Harshit explained why he started bike rental service? “When Harshit and Vansh were studying in Christ College Bangalore, they felt the city required bike rental service”. I asked bike can be afforded by the most of people in Bangalore then why they started bike Rental Company in Bangalore? They told the first reason for the demand for bike rental is, the travelling time and traffic jam, bike rental gives an advantage to commuter to use different route and make independent from depending on another mode of transportation. Secondly, about the affordability, they told the student and delivery boys are the most targeted customers for them. Why student, because a student cannot buy a bike either affordability or not provided by their parents. And in case of the delivery boy they cannot afford own bike initially, for Delivery Company too they cannot bear to have another segment of service as bike department. I understood the concept then I found that many bike rental service providers in Bangalore are in this segment. So I asked them these days many companies in this field than how they differentiate from others, their answer made me understood, how a business gets success in the era of cutthroat competition?

Their secret for success: they give a permanent solution to the problem not a temporary as they provide monthly bike rental, not daily bike rental and second they do fair business and believe in a long relationship with the customer. As no hidden charges, no lock-in, no security deposit and all are @ hassle-free services by using latest modern technology at Ontrack.

I learned from them, “any business module can succeed if it gives the real solution to the problem with good intention by using the modern art technology”.

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