Kia Optima Spotted in India

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Spotted Kia Optima (Made in Korea) at Cybercity,Gurugram in early February. Even though at present Kia committed to launch only New Sportage ( SP Concept) Kia should consider to bring Rio Hatch Back and Optima to India.

Kia Optima:-

In India Kia Optima has introduced in the year 2000 and the outgoing car is 6th Generation. Kia Optima is positioned in 4.5M + Segment where in India Toyota Innova Crysta is a disputed king and selling 7K-8K/Month.Toyota holding 60 % of Market in this segment and nearest competitor is Mahindra with 20 % Market share credit goes to XUV 5oo. The Global model of Kia Optima coming with 1.6L,2.0L & 2.4L.Transmission options are 6 Auto  Speed and 7 Speed Auto Dual Clutch. Kia Optima have length of 4850 mm,Width 1860 mm, Height 1470 mm and Wheel Base of 2805 mm.

The Car spotted in Gurugram is  2.0 L 6 Speed Auto Transmission GLS Model which have amazing build quality and finest interiors compare to its sibling Hyundai Elantra which have just 3 % Market share in 4.5M + Passenger car Segment. In fact the the Market share of Sedans in this Segment has reduced 27 % in 2011 to mere 8 % in 2017. Other side MUV share has increased from 44 % to 55 % and SUV Share has increased from 24 % to 37 % . In case Kia have plan to introduce Optima in Indian Market they should bring the Hybrid variant after Govt introduce tax exemptions for pure  Hybrid cars. At this moment the Skoda Octavia is Sedan king in 4.5+M Segment and they are able to sell only 225/Month. Even in Globally Kia Optima sales has come down in 2017 compare to 2016. 

End of the Kia Cars are superior in quality and it can impress Indian buyers if they price it aggressively. 











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