Handling Charges still charged by Tata motors

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Hello, I am in the process of purchasing Tata Tigor XZA from Hyderabad, have taken quotations from Concorde, Venkataramana & Tejaswi motors and every one is charging 6500/- towards Handling Charges.

Aren't these charges illegal to take? When I asked sales rep about this, he said these are towards shipping, handling & PDI charges and cannot be removed.

I read on many online forums that as per Supreme Court  order, dealer should not be charging these to the Buyers. AM I RIGHT? 

Need your guidance on how to avoid these.

I have also taken quotations for Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai & Honda for other cars in this segment but no one is forcing  such Handling Charges.


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Scan the internet 

There have been instances in past where few showroom licenses have been suspended on this issue of illegal charges.

Two showrooms of Hyundai in Hyderabad had their licenses suspended over the issue few years back as per an internet story.

Get in touch with the RTO and make a formal complaint there .

These showroom people will always try to push these charges , it's upto you how how strongly you feel about the issue.

FYI it's a prevalant issue most of us overlook while being excited about the choiced car purchase, knowingly perfectly well that we can walk off from the deal anytime and go to another showroon / manufacturer anytime.

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