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Jeep plans in India

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Jeep has outlined future plans for the brand. Looks like Jeep is set to introduce a three-row SUV and a compact SUV + increase production capacity by 1.5x and double its dealer count by 2022


Here's a graphic representation of Jeep's product plan:


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Looking at the plans above, you can see that Jeep plans to introduce a three-row mid-size UV in India by 2022. The model will be positioned above the Compass in Jeep's India range. You can find more info on this here:


Came across a pretty cool rendering showing what this three-row UV could look like




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For one, I hope at least one manufacturer stays away from the sub-4 meter SUV segment. 

Jeep is a heritage line-up and the design and length should not be altered for any India specific law. 

Hyundai was doing a good job so far keeping out but seems the money that manufacturers make by selling a sub-4 meter car in India far outclasses the profits made on higher segments, partly because of the numbers it sells too.

The Renegade should come in the same size and engine options sold internationally. 

Anything apart from the Renegade and Compass is far too pricey. It just gets into the elite 3 and Volvo category.

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