Is it true that Mukesh Ambani drives a BMW?

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Wealthiest man in India Mukesh Ambani lives in the most costly house as well as transits in costly autos as well. Ambani transits in his BMW 760Li, which is India's most costly auto and there are various things that makes this heavily clad vehicle so expensive at Rs 8.5 crore.

  1. Ambani's heavily clad BMW 760Li is completely consistent to VR7 ballistic insurance, has kevlar plates inside the entryway boards. Every window is slug confirmation with 65mm thickness and weighs 150 kg each.
  2. The auto can withstand military-review weapons, hand projectiles, high-force TNT impacts of up to 17 kilograms. It is tried against arrive mines as well.
  3. The BMW's fuel tank is made of self-fixing kevlar and can't burst into flames. The auto can deal with substance assault circumstances and has oxygen put away inside the auto for crisis utilize.
  4. Discussing wheels, the auto is fitted with double layer tires can withstand projectile assaults however in the event that penetrated.
  5. The auto can in any case do up to 80km/h and is fueled by a V12 6.0-liter petroleum motor that creates a most extreme energy of 544 Bhp and 750 Nm of greatest torque. It can be followed by satellite and has a radio that can be utilized to call for help amid crisis circumstances.

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