What is your favorite car? Why?

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BMW 760 Li.

The more I talk about the car the less it seems, but still, I will express my views on my dream car. BMW 760 Li is the fastest yet the safest car. I first saw the car when I was with my Dad at BMW Authorized Dealer in Mumbai. We were there to book ourselves a BMW x5.

I am not sure, If you occasionally get to see this car at BMW’s Showroom or Authorized Dealers as it falls under the ultra premium category, but for me that day was my luckiest one. It happens to be the most expensive BMW Car and I got a chance to see and touch it.

The feeling when you stand beside such a luxury cannot be explained. My dad kept staring at the car for almost 20 seconds. It was a kind of a feeling of what people talk about things like “Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder”. I will have this beauty forever in my heart.

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