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Best 2019 April Fools' Day automotive pranks

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Just a quick compilation of some of the best April Foos' pranks from car and bike manufacturers today... feel free to add to the list!

BMW Motorrad iRace Kit for the S 1000 RR

Want to achieve lap times like the professionals? The iRace Kit for the S 1000 RR. Be it accelerating, braking, gear shifting or steering, with the BMW Motorrad iRace Kit, the RR is able to perform every manoeuvre fully automatically if the rider so desires.1.PNG

BMW lunar paint

BMW claimed to roll out a Lunar Paint that "uses revolutionary photovoltaic technology to passively recharge your battery in the hours of darkness, extending your electric range even further."


Toyota Water Cruiser

For when you want to take off-roading off shore


Jeep sedan (source)

The image says it all! 


Kia touchscreen-based vehicle control unit

Called the the Automotive Premonition Research Institute Limited's new Finger Operated Optimum Lever (yes, APRIL FOOL), the system will allow drivers to to scroll up and down through the gears, operate the horn via a 'double-tap' movement, and change direction with one flick of the finger. 


Toyota limited-edition Hiace "PieAce" convertible

Exclusively for Australia, the soft-top convertible option for the Hiace will also come with an optional extra built-in pie oven, called 'PieAce', disguised neatly behind the rear tailgate.

2019-toyota-hiace-convertible.jpg2019-toyota-hiace-convertible (1).jpg2019-toyota-hiace-convertible (2).jpg2019-toyota-hiace-convertible (3).jpg

BMW i-setta

Back to the future? Yes, that's a fully electric version of legendary Isetta two-seater


Audi b-tron

In Audi's own words, the b-tron concept is “creating buzz with a natural, ancient fuel: honey”. 


MG Motor's road-colouring tyres

For those who want to leave their mark behind, MG Motor announced the world's first road-colouring tyres for the new MG3 that are "coated with a water-soluble dye that covers the road as it drives, before fading off shortly afterwards."


Skoda ProjectaPal LED reminder system

Coming to the rescue of forgetful drivers in the UK, Skoda unveiled its ProjectaPal LED reminder system that will enable people to "create a bespoke reminder" with the system projecting the the messages on the road. The system can project the image from a linked smartphone.


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