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I have already Honda Amaze iv tech petrol model "S" GJ-1-RF-5914 ) it ran only 40000 km..and some unpredictable noise started in i-vtech system./anywhere near engine/and need to repair some cylinder head says your honda authorized workshop engineer,at landmark honda thaltej.  last service made by dt: approx 11-3-2019, they hv keep my car for 4 day up to 14-03-2019 to check noise problem. how i that possible, this diagnosis was made by the company service station, my car never went anywhere except company service people can check my all service station says u have spent near 40000.00 rupees to stop the voice but no guarantee that it will stop or not... and say that if necessary have to open engine!?? i am surprised and getting shocked. finally, m not agree to open the engine and refuse the this time ,this is not game that Honda engine machine after some of km. you have to make it.....we never expect this with Honda engine as their reputation in the market.
    this complaint already logged before last service approx @ 38000 km. but it was not resolved by honda service station of landmark honda..bopal.
my humble request to resolve my car noise and save honda reputation, i am not able to spend my hard earn money on this issue. please save my car
.car service station and his manager say that your car warranty is over we can not do anything...but i appeal and humble request please help me. thank you.


VEH.REG.NO. GJ 1 RF 5914
ENGINE NO. L12B31608693
WARRANTY START : 14-07-2014

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On 4/3/2019 at 10:21 PM, vikky1971 said:

Post a video recording so that we can hear the noise you are referring to

hi.,, it's unpredictable some time it's like comes through backside, some time front side, cant tape it...or cant record it.. have to sit in my car...but thanks for asking


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