The heater plugs of (Diesel) Indigo

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Hi there,

            I have Indigo LS. The GLOW PLUG Light on the instrument cluster goes off after very long time (about 15-20seconds). Should I replace the heater plugs as a set of four or only the ones which are worn out? The TASS says "Replace only the ones which are worn out and there's no need to replace complete set of four plugs".

The set costs around Rs.1300-1400/- while single plug cost around Rs.400-450/-.

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Depends on the kms the car has done over 50k change all. Also check the faulty plug(s) if the electrode is eaten away injectors are faulty

The Indigo has run 1,44,000+ kms. I have replaced complete set of four once at around 85,000-90,000kms and replaced only one at around 1,30,000-1,35,000kms.

What's good bet-- Replace only the worn out ones or complete set.

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