Replacement of rear axle nut of Pulsar 180

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Hi there,

               I own Pulsar 180DTSi (with LCD Speedometer).

While adjusting the chain play, I overtightened the hexagonal axle nut present on left side of the bike. Because of this overtightening , the nut slipped of the rod underneath. Now a noise is coming from the chain as I ride over 35-40kmph as if the chain is rubbing against something. I think I will have to replace that complete axle rod with axle nuts. Any comments.

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Ride slowly to the service center ;)

I can ride bike without any problem( except the noise of chain rubbing inside).

The noise of chain rubbing is similar to the noise that comes if the both the hexagonal nuts (1st is on the right side of the rear wheel and 2nd is the one which we have to loosen while adjusting the chain) are loose.

When we have to adjust the chain, first we loosen the nut on the right side of the wheel, then loosen the nut on the left side (the size of this left nut is around 22mm). Without loosening this left nut, chain cannot be adjusted. Now this nut has slipped. Means whether I turn this 22mm nut clockwise or anticlockwise no effect.

Can someone tell me how to remove this 22mm nut as this nut turns with the rod under it?

I want to replace the 22mm nut with new one (because this nut will not get loosen when I want to adjust the chain).

Please tell me how to remove this 22 mm nut.

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Change both the axle and the nut.It must be available as a set.You'll have to pay for the right side nut too, perhaps. Get it done at a Bajaj authorised service centre. Its risky to ride the bike, as a ride over any uneven surface or pothole may worsen the nut bolt relation and the rear axle may then create safety problems. The chain tension needs to be readjusted -the dealer can do the job while fitting the axle and nuts.

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Sorry for late updating.

I replaced the axle nut in Feb 2009.

First the old axle nut had to be gas cut since it was slipping over the threads.

Then the swing arm was made straight by welding since it had developed small "V" around the axle nut fitting.

    Then fitted new axle nut and axle rod which cost me around Rs. 200-225/-

Plus labour 20/- and gas cutting and welding Rs. 40/-

Total Rs. 260-285/-

Now i am happy.

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