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Dear Team,

I'm planning to buy tata hexa XTA variant and as per complaint rule which will be active from april 2020 for BS6 complaint. My questions are,

1. What are the pros and cons if i buy hexa?

2. How about the resale value as its not BS6 complaint, it will not be good?

3. Whether tata will support and have spare parts for this model after 2020? 

4. What are the other options i can look for? My requirements are 7 seater / Automatic / Cruise control / safety & other latest features.

Kindly suggest. Thank you!

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BS6 is the way ahead

Do note these new launches won't be cheap

They would be more fuel efficient and environment friendly though.

Manufacturers are pushing in facelifts to exhaust their inventory of BS4 engines

Buy only BS6 engine powered vehicle now or a hybrid 

New hybrids are being introduced to offset fuel price disparity.

Hexa isnt selling well , I don't know what offer you are getting now on the car it's sure to get bigger very soon.

Marrazo and Innova can be looked as alternatives , though specifications and price could be an issue.

Spares will not be a problem but resale values will be taking a nosedive.

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