Brezza ZDI- Sudden drop in Average


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Hello All,

I own Vitara Brezza ZDI AMT , bought during june 2018 and was proud owner till i serviced my car @ Maruti Suzuki - DD Motors Peeragarhi Delhi - Prominent Dealer in West Delhi.

Immediately after service my car average indicator down from usual 16 to 17 Km/litre to 12.5 or Max 13.5. I confirmed with full tank to full tank average at same fuel station and found that my car efficiency has been dropped by significant number i,e by 3.5 km a litre MINIMUM. 

First of all i really want to say that there is pathetic condition at DD motors as far as service is concerned. They dont care and do it in too much hurry but still considering near by i went there.

Service was fourth paid service and bill was aprx 8500 in which they changed - Air filter, Diesel Filter, Coolant , Engine oil , Break oil and one or two small small things

I am really worried that what could be the cause for same as i did not become Micheal Schumacer in just one day and driving like hell. Infact same style of light acceleration driving.

What could be real reason for it. Is this new  diesel filter can cause leakeage? I am just guessing so need expert voice on this issue :(



Himanshu Nijhawan

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