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MG Dealership contact list

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I have compiled an unofficial list of all the cities/ regions MG dealerships will be in along with their contact details from friends and other sources. With official bookings of the MG hector starting in a few days time (4 June 2019), this list should help anyone who wants to get in touch with an MG dealer in their area. 

MG Dealership in Pune

Contact number 9099058585

MG Dealership in Nagpur

Contact  Mr. Kishor Shinde (8983061092

MG Dealership in Indore

Contact at - +918889655533

MG Dealership in Andhra Pradesh - Vijayavada

Contact Murali Krishna - +918331865695

MG Dealership in Hyderabad

Contact details (Mr NAVEEN) -  +917288885455

MG Dealership in Chennai

Contact (PRABAKARAN G FPL MG) +919841234934

MG Dealership in Delhi & NCR

Contact : Sameer Jagota  M: +91 9711 786 000

MG Dealership in Gurgaon, Haryana

Contact Manoj Saini  - 9810058212, 8929247851


Contact – 8889677744

MG Dealership in Mumbai-Thane

Contact Shilpa  - 9892315159

MG Dealership in Karnataka

Contact Gumbira – 6366230027

MG Dealership in Cochin, Kerala

 Contact - +91 6238600060

MG Dealership in Thrissur, Kerala

Contact - +918921287711

MG Dealership in Chandigarh

Contact Pulkit Bansal – 7009184189

MG Dealership in Guwahati

Contact – 8638796477

Feel free to update the thread if you get any additional information or for any changes.

For more information about the MG Hector, you can read -

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