Guljeet Singh

Frauded by mahindra and mahindra by giving me a accidental / Re-painted vehicle

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Hello All,

i have been frauded by one of mahindra dealer i.e. Genesis Mahindra by giving me a accidental / re-painted vehicle.

i bought my car on end of December , to my surprise when i was getting my car washed i.e. on 15th May my driver noticed some paint spots on back tail gate panel accordingly i got the same inspected from some local near by car service layman and he confirmed that the tail gate was painted.


i puted my complaint over mahindra but they were least bothered , then they sent the dealer GM at my home and to my surprise he did not agreed then later i kept putting up my complaints over mail and kept putting up reminders then finaly after some days i got a mail that mahindra customer care team will inspect my vehicle , i took the vehicle to workshop where they inspected my vehicle, to my surprise during the time of inspection we got to see some more problems in my car..

boot pannel was pinted, front boot was pinted, there is one dent inside the engine part and a rust too..

during the time of mahindra customer care team inspection they noticed everything and they themselves told me that everything is visible with naked eyes then later to my surprise they have given me a reply that i might have done that myself and might have got repaired my self,they mean that i crushed the vehicle from front and back and got the same repaired from local people just like brand new, so shocked to see such reply from them.

what proof they gave was that we checked our history and we couldn’t find any paint job in the history.. felt like laughing so much as if there dealer gonna keep all this on record..

such a lame reply from mahindra team.


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Yes already proceeded with Legal notice have given them 3 weeks time, then further to that will proceed for court, thats what the shocking thing is that they just blaming us that we have done that ourselves..

Never knew Mahindra people are so disgusting, they are simply pathetic , feeling like did a biggest mistake in my life going again for Mahindra. 

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I can empathize with the sheer pain you are in.

We both have one thing in common , both of us have joined this forum after being troubled by Mahindra though 7 years apart.

Check with your lawyer if it's OK for you to publicly shame M&M across all forums and platforms and if he says yes to it based on limitations of the legal documents you served them , spare no opportunity to beat the hell out of them.

What else looks damaged in the engine bay?

Was this your first service?

How many Kms to date has the car travelled?

What kind of compensation are you looking for?

Tag Anand Mahindra on twitter , with this photo and your complaint ,someone from his twitter team will surely connect with you in a jiffy.

Be prepared for a long draw battle though.

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I have already been putting up daily tweets to Anand Mahindra, from the day i got to know all these issues from the very same day i have been putting up but unfortunately no response..

Yes i am already done with my first service and kms driven is around 4700 , i have asked for the replacement of my vehicle or refund my full money.

And yes have tied up my back all set ready for this battle , not gonna leave them , the worst part is there dealer or Mahindra is putting the whole blame upon me by saying that i crushed the vehicle and got that back again to a new state that too getting it fixed from some local layman.

I am attaching a picture of bonnet hood you see yourself, even a road going person will say yes the vehicle is accidental.

How can they say such a lame word that i did myself, the dent which is inside the bonnet no one get that themselves, i expected a lot from Mahindra i thought they will care for there customer but now things seem to go above my head , have already sent them a notice and all set ready to take them to Court , let the justice be prevailed there, its simple they literally don't know the power of a comman man.




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If the dents are so far into the frame , it's safe to presume that everything before it would have been destroyed to reach that far.

They may have used salvaged parts from other vehicles or would have straightened bent parts , that can also explain why there is so much rusting on a new vehicle.

The body frame damage could also mean some mechanical engine trouble later on , depending how bad the accident was.

Vehicle alignment also suffers depending on what angle it was hit at.

No question this is a shoudy repair job post an accident while the vehicle was with the dealer because I have no reason to doubt you.

Glad to see you are willing to go the whole way that clearly shows how badly this has affected you.

That being said take care of yourself , don't get too much worked up and let it affect your health as you clearly understand this is a long walk and you cannot let yourself get stressed out so early in the process.

M&M not responding and blaming you for everything is unforgiving.

Name and shame them on every opportunity you get.

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Well thank you so much for such an healthy reply, thats what i am shocked about all these things are clearly visible with naked eyes still they didn't believed moreover they tried to save there dealer and just ended up with a fool reply that we did not found any paint history in our records so this is something you might have done yourself.

And yes i am all the way ready buckles tight up , not gonna leave any single effort .

Can you suggest me some places apart from twitter because i am putting tweets daily with pictures but there no one seems to be bothered, moreover i am tagging Mr. Anand Mahindra and Mr. Goenka both still useless.

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It's not that they are not getting your messages.

Its just that you are now being perceived as a disgruntled customer and once you have served them a legal notice all the niceties have ended.

Wait for a reply to the legal notice you had sent them , hatch a game plan with your legal adviser to counter the might of the legal team of a corporate giant.

If you still want to contact them here is the list of the most powerful people at M&M


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