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NBT head unit question

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Just to get it out of the way I currently have a 2015 428i Xdive. So I recently upgraded the screen in my car swapping out the 6” screen for the 8.8” and also swapping out the idrive controller for the bigger one that matches the 8.8” screen and everything went smoothly. One of the last things i would like to do is swap out the head unit for one with navigation. I’m not looking to get one retrofitted with id5/id6 I’m just looking for the id4 head unit with navigation. So my questions are as followed

1.what would be the part # that I’m looking for? 2. Is it simply a swap? As in I’m not adding any new cables just swapping out the units? If not what else would i need?

Also thank you for everyone who commented on my last post about the idrive screen and controller everyone was so helpful!

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