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Guys, I had the worst nightmare of buying a BMW X5 which is just 4 months old. While driving the rear suspension sank down and the same was reported to the local service center in Hyderabad. Apparently, they fixed the problem and assure me that this will not repeat again. It was shocking to see the same problem repeated again while driving the vehicle. It has been more than 3 weeks that the vehicle is in the service station and I have been writing emails to BMW Germany, India, and the local service guys but there is no concrete solution that they are coming up in regard to the problem arising again and the safety concerns over the vehicle.

The local service guy is trying to push the vehicle back to me without giving me any kind of proof of what went wrong and the BMW company is not responding to my emails and have kept an auto-responder that you will be contacted shortly.

It is really unheard of a luxury car maker to behave in such a manner. It is not only disgraceful but also leaves doubts about the safety and performance of the vehicles.

I have been writing non-stop emails but none have bothered to respond and they are all keeping tight-lipped about the faulty suspension and the defects in the car. 

Please send me your suggestions to take this forward so that others don't become a victim of these luxury car makers who charge customers with a high value and treat you the most important person till you buy the product and then doesn't respond to any issues that one has with the vehicle.

I appeal to all the prospective buyers to kindly get the assurance from the after salespeople so that in the event of any issues with the vehicle you have the right person and contact number or else you will be mentally torchered the way I am undergoing.

Looking forward for your support.


Nishit Kadakia.




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