Honda Civic quality ??

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I purchased a Honda Civic car from Arya Honda, in Mumbai in early March 2008.  The car's clutch has failed on April 1, 2008 within 3 weeks of the car purchase with only 850 kms of running.  <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The car was not operational and had to be towed to the dealer's garage. The engineers diagonsed that the clutch has worn out due to clutch ridding.  I have clarified that this has not happened, however, they have not other explanations to offer.  I had to speak to 3 personnel of the Company since the dealer was not co-opearative and after the Company's intervention, the dealer has replaced the clutch.  However, the quality of the product, that is this premium car, the components used and the brand are suspect.  The Company refuses to replace a defective premium product.


Any such experiences?

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The dealer wont replace the clutch under warranty as it it wear and tear item.

Even if a customer does not ride clutch and despite that the clutch fails, then also the dealer or service station wont replace it under warranty. They blame the customer and nothing else. There is person whose octavia's clutch worn out at 15000kms. A thread is available "Skoda clutch plate issues".

But I am surprised that you faced problem with a Honda Car.

According to some people, Hondas are more reliable (I am saying this because I have not yet owned or driven any Honda Car.

sudeepd2008-04-05 15:59:52

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Honda's senior (in Japan)

are very strict and fire if it get bad news about a dealer and gets

some other for take over .Hallmark recieved the award for best CSI and

meeting the sales target .

This was posted by rssh in the thread "Corolla vs Civic" ( Going by that you are likely to get a proper response if you take the issue to higher management levels.

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