Ownership Review of New Honda Civic 2019

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Hi Everyone

I purchased the new Honda Civic in May 2019 from Courtesy Honda Shimla.

Honda Civic has been an icon in the Auto industry for a long time and I am sure it has been a dream car for many in India. It was the same for me and when the new car was launched, I booked it as soon as I could. Little did I know that I am spending close to 23 Lakhs on buying a nightmare.

On the very first day of buying the car, I found the front sensor cover on windshield to be broken. I went to the dealership and they fixed it using "tape". Yes Tape. But I did not object as it was not visible and I was carried away by being the proud owner of "The Honda Civic" - the first in my City.

Little did I know that my happiness was short lived.

First thing I discovered was that the speed sensing lock was not working. I called the sales guy and he confirmed that probably the programming was off and that they will fix it. Later I was informed that the car does not have the function.

Now, within 1-2 weeks, the car starts developing loud vibration and rattling in the car cabin. I was made to go the service centre atleast 7-10 times before they escalated it to Honda. Honda's tech team came and took over my car. They kept it for almost 2 months and drove almost 400kms (Four Hundred not Forty Kilometres), changed over a dozen parts and yet could not solve the problem but handed over the car to me after I sent a Notice informing them that I shall be taking the matter to the court.

The problem was far from solved. They again told me that more parts needed changing and after about a month since they dont have spares available readily, the problem is as it is.

The vibration has reduced but the rattling has increased. Moreover, the steering is now beginning to make sounds. Honda claims that the car is road worthy and that this is a standard fitment.

Now that I have filed a case against them in the consumer court, they have started to deny any existence of sounds in the cabin. So I made this video to share it with the world to expose the real face of Honda Cars India.

About the dealership - when I filed my case in the consumer court and compiled all invoices, I realised that the dealership had given me a higher than actual quotation and preform Invoice. I have paid as per the proforma but the actual sale invoice is lesser by about Rs 20000/-. Never realised that these dealerships carry out such frauds also. The dealership has offered unofficially to refund the excess money if I write a letter of request to them. I however, have chosen to get this as ell through the court only so that they can be taught a lesson.

My 2 cents - Honda is no better than any other manufacturer. Buy the Skoda Octavia, atleast it performs much better




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On 2/21/2020 at 10:32 PM, topollercars said:

the new Skoda Octavia is maybe best in class and looks very good.

Skoda does not have a dealership in my city so I went for the Civic. Unfortunate because Skoda was my first choice and I repent buying it everyday.

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Never buy this car as I am really disappointed buying this car, I got my car delivered by May 8 th 2020 and this car is giving me headaches from the beginning itself 1) rattling noise from dashboard, sunroof, loose panels here and there, instrument cluster got hanged several times 2) once my car resist to open and I was stuck outside the car as I was not able to open the door and after opening manually also was not able to start the engine 3)low fuel efficiency as my car is bs4 and the claimed fuel efficiency was 26 km/l and now i am getting around 14 km/l in the highways as I am a very sedate drive and I own other cars tooo and I am getting good mileage in my all other cars as I keep my rpm merely below 3000 all the time 4) the very next day after I got my car delivered I checked the cars bonnet and sealent was not proper as it was like a re worked car that bad was the pasting I reported that and they made it ready after a long fight I had to put my car for one month in service centre to make that OK 5) humming noise from ac vent if air flow level is more than 2 it's a humming and cracking noise and Honda says it normal and during long drives this cracking noise its like old tvs make that sound when signal is cut that kind of noise 6)heavy smoke from the car as my bumper was covered in smoke after long drives 7) noise from. Clutch and they say its normal squeaking noise in a brand new car brilliant engineering from Honda so they say like I need to live with that sound everytime when I use clutch wooow 8)and once that time car runs around 3000 km and my engine warning light along with engine oil popped up and I called Honda they came and told me like engine oil level was down for a brand new car and they refilled it that's tooo really well for a brand new car as my car was drinking engine oil 8)peeling off paint from bonnet in a brand new car never buy this car as even after they know that this car got these issues they never tried to make it proper and they say like they even can't give me a good car once sold its sold really happy Honda for wasting my 30 lakhs hard earned money really regret my decision

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