New Force Gurkha revealed at Auto Expo 2020

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Force Motors has revealed an all-new Gurkha SUV at the 2020 Auto Expo. It still looks boxy and kind of like a shrunken G-class and there's also a more hardcore jacked-up derivative on display too (4x4 square or 4x4x4 square considering force badges the standard as the Gurkha 4x4x4).

More images here >>










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This is the customised version of the Gurkha on display. Comes with a lot of kit over and above the standard car and looks like it can really go anywhere.


See more pictures here: 







WhatsApp Image 2020-02-06 at 10.01.15.jpeg

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Think of offroading vehicles in India and most will think of the Thar or the Gypsy. But the underdog here is the Force Gurkha. Dont judge it by its looks. Its a pure bred offroad machine which goes anywhere, making its own path. Few people know about its capabilities as a serious offroad vehicle. It is one of the best out there.

What works in its favour: The brilliant low range and 4x4 capability. With just about any kind of path, the Gurkha can juts glide over effortlessly. When you put it in 4L, thats when the magic happens. Mud, slush, snow, dirt- it rules any and every terrain easily. It is butch and big and is a beast when it comes to where the road ends.

What doesn't work: Everything else. Looks are bad. So are any creature comforts. Agreed its for offroading mainly but since its a road legal car, buyers would expect some amount of features that make it fun to drive. On road, its no fun to drive at all. The 80bhp that the engine puts out struggles to get it going. Handling is not that great either. Interiors are minimal and nothing to boast of. The snorkel is a nice touch though, and it is also functional.

It is a lifestyle product, catering to the niche of the niche. So anyone who buys this has to be a serious offroading enthusiast else they wouldn't enjoy the beauty and purpose of this car.

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