Which Mid Segment Cars in India has FDD (Frequency Damping Device) shocks

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Can any one share details as which of the current MID Segment SUVs have FDD (Frequency Damping Device) or FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) Shocks

A FDD shocks is the one operates in high frequency range of 5-20Hz or some may categorize it as 10-20Hz. (see links for details)

It is said that the difference in ride can be felt if anyone has driven earlier TOYOTA INNOVA (claimed to use FDD) and rest of the vehicle in the same segment.

Often drivers in INDIA prefer to drive in INNOVA rather than other vehicles for outstation trips because of lower fatigue.

High Frequency exposures are mainly experienced during long drive on highways and is associated with lumbar and leg fatigue among the vehicle occupants.



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