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Sumo grand 2009 model

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I am  planning to buy tata sumo grand 2009 model on second hand markets. I have noticed the tata sumo grand model second hand market price is comparatively smaller than  other muv. What is the reason. Is the vehicle have any factory  made issues. Any one clarify  please? In tata sumo models which  model is more better to maintain and run for next 10 year?


Awaiting experts reply.

Smk nair

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Hi friends ! I am sharing experiences about the Tata sumo Grande .

My father purchase , five years ago that car . But on that five years , doesn't one day it can be satisfied us. Its have many problems , and issue that makes dissatisfied condition. The first problem is their cheap plastic interior . My mother Also have a omitting problem so , she is avoided normally traveling with cars . Sometimes , its cannot occur . But that sumo was always comes plastic smells . We are servicing Various times , but that smell was not going .The breaks are not that much satisfied condition . It cannot be working properly . The car stability is really less . Even 90 / 100 km/ hr. The looks are very shaky . The comfort was zero percent . If you are travelling on bad roads then it cannot be good for our backbone and health. The does not support from customer care , even when I speak to local or regional service center . I am complaint one time on pune head office Also . But they cannot take any action. Or any response was coming. The car was started giving Various kinds of noises . Sometimes it cannot be start at every morning , otherwise it can be stopped between the road. The test drove the sumo Grande as well as the safari , actually found the grade more comfortable to drive than Safari . Especially , the turning radius had reserved safari on U turn . Which got cleared in one go. The overall drive was ok or average as per my experience.The sound quality was not satisfied . Even they are does not able to capture the range of radio. I am not satisfied that car . I am not comfortable on that . It can be less durability . Because , every month it has created new problem , new issue . So we are not able to drive it .

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