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Atharv Natu

Mercedes E-Class Wheel Alignment Problem

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We bought a Mercedes Benz E-Class (LWB) in April 2019 and received delivery on 10th April 2019. Within 6 months, the wheel alignment is completely gone because of which one of the tyres is completely unusable. The service station (Shaman Auto, Mumbai) told us, it was due to the potholes, they just replaced the front tyres with the rear ones, changed the wheel alignment, put the speed capping to 100km/h and said you need to replace the tyre.

As a fellow automobile engineer, i know all these cars are rigorously tested in all conditions, so such issues shouldn't arise. Which makes me wonder, is there any Quality Control failure for this particular vehicle? Or is this type of issue very specific to Mercedes Benz E-Class (LWB) and also has been observed in other LWB E-Class as well? This type of quality is not expected from Mercedes Benz. You don’t expect the car to completely lose its alignment within 6 months and then the service station rather than fixing the problem, is blaming it on potholes. Which is why we had to replace tyre with the vehicle being less than 6 months old. 

We've had Honda City and Skoda Octavia prior to this, as well as Alto & Baleno as second cars and this issue hasn't been observed in any of them. I would like to know what maybe the exact reason for the same, any logical explanation as to why such issue arises would be really helpful. 



Atharv Natu 

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