Akshay Bharadwaj

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric vehicles

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I am  16 year old guy who started this page on Instagram.

click on that link and give me al like and a follow guys!! doing this purely out of love and passion . Please support. I would be the happiest if i get good support.

My only motto is to spread knowledge to everyone and also grow myself more mature in this automobile field 

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Delhi's New EV policy has impressed me

Its incentive are over and above the central govt FAME 2 incentive 

The incentive would be directly transferred within a week

Scrapping older vehicles for a new EV would also be incentivized

Costs would come down a bit.

Gives you the bragging rights where you are scene to be doing something for the environment 

Setting up a new 3 Phase connection for Kona and ZS EV could be a headache

Nexon which is a small car in comparison, with its 12 Amp charging socket takes the cake here

Nexon EV  ,1000  impressions already produced,  ZS EV introductory prices valid till AUG end.

Nexon EV making a lot of sense now


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Here is my input of advantages and disadvantages of EVs in Indian context.


-  Cost : This can be addressed via  different govt. measures going forward

- Charging infrastructure: This is the biggest issue, specially for people who don't have fixed parking spaces or limited electricity availability. Public charging infra needs a bigger push.

- Travel range: Again this is something which new upcoming EVs are addressing but presently it's a cause for concern (specially for inter state runs).

- Cost of battery replacement (when that gets due), this might wipe out all the savings gathered due to low cost of running.

- Resale value: Unknown at this stage but i presume people might avoid picking up old EVs, specially the ones nearing battery replacement cycle.


- Everything else

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