City - Is it a clear winner?

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apologise - didnt see ur response on the old thread - added a new topic ans the old one only had fiesta & aveo - wasnt too sure of ppl would go in and read the last post to know bout the city as an option for suggestion

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AveoVs HondaCity Vs Fiesta-

1. better build quality & interiors - 1.aveo 2.hondacity 3.fiesta 
2. better handling - 1.fiesta 2.aveo 3.hondacity
3. Low Maintenance & peace of mind - 1.aveo 2.hondacity 3.fiesta
4. vfm - 1.aveo 2.fiesta 3.hondacity
5. resale - 1.hondacity 2.fiesta/aveo
6. Fe - 1.hondacity 2.aveo/fiesta
7. ride quality - 1.aveo 2.fiesta 3.hondacity
8. performance - 1.fiesta/city(vtec) 2.aveo 3.hondacity(idsi)
9. gearbox - 1.hondacity 2.fiesta 2.aveo
10. looks - 1.aveo/hondacity 2.fiesta - 1.aveo/fiesta(both comes with airbags & abs top variant)
12.refinement - 1.hondacity 2.fiesta 3.aveo
hope this helps.

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Can't say that , cos ford had launched a new ford fiesta1.6S with its amazing sporty look and fables interior inside the car.Ford's patented dura technology enhances everthingfrom smoothness of your ride to the fuel. 

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