The worst cars you can buy in India

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I second you, dude. The car I hate the most is the Indica, with all its screeching noises and ugly mushroom- shell. The Indigo comes a close second.. its got a bulky frame and heavy body and runs like muck. Then comes the SUV: Scorpio. I thought Mahindra made jeeps best. Though this point may be arguable, I still hold fort on this! A real terror if I see one in my rear- view!

P.S. No offense meant!

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I don't agree with you at all. The Ambassador is one of the best, tried and tested cars on Indian roads. Do you know? Its still the most preferred car on south Indian highways. I feel safer in an Ambassador rather in a US army tanksmiley2.gif. The beauty has proved her road- worthiness time and again. I'd buy one when I start earning and find a good babe. Sniff... Suddenly I'm into nostalgia. And its not unreliable at all. She'd be my bride almost any day!smiley2.gif

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ya its very true .......... what u said and i feel any tata car is the worst ....... there build quality is really bad.


hahahha well said lol The tata keeps more mind on the pricing and tries to gives best at a very affordable price but at the same time they forget reliablty , for eample look at hyundai , maruti , honda or toyota though the pricing is lil bit expensive the owner is having a peace of mind but look at tatas cutomers ( though not all maybe around 60 - 80%) thier mind is in Piece.smiley29.gif


i hope the tatas improve on with thier reliabilty! ,



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