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Mahindra showcased its 2020 thar recently and while its an amazing automobile, it has been launched with only six exterior options. 

Mahindra has missed the option of white exterior for the thar which in my opinion is a big miss as 4/10 cars in India are white.

white is not only a popular colour but is also easy to maintain and doesn’t absorb as much heat as other colours which is a boon in our hot climate. 

To everyone reading this please tweet to Mr. Anand Mahindra for adding white on the palette 🙏 !!!



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I bought this car in 2016 from chandigarh as I liked the appearance of car too much. Basically I bought car for my personal use and I have alternative vehicle also but after 6-7 months I noticed that car is not starting when I left car unused for approximately 1 month I thought that battery plugs might have got loose bu this was not the problem. As I'm from Himachal pradesh so my village is located at hilly area where snowfall lasts for atleast 2-3months and after that I somehow managed to look up the problem with mechanic and he checked that if you will not use car within 5-6 days it will take time to start and this only happens in cold area in plain areas this problem is not at all. Secondly, now there are coming cracks on chasis. Now I feel like I wasted money rather I would have bought maruti jeepsy.



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